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visionary developers

The people behind Michatoya Pacifico have extensive experience in the real estate market. Based on the impresive success of Michatoya Palín and seeing the growing demand for industrial park installations in the area, they decided to undertake an innovative project of far greater scale that would transform the region.

Michatoya Team

pacific investments s.a.

The visionary developer has extensive experience in the real estate market. It’s decision to launch Michatoya Pacífico was inspired by the extraordinary success it achieved with Michatoya Palín.

administradora logistica del pacífico

The administrator of Michatoya Pacífico Industrial Park will be the provider of a full range of services. It has a group of profesional specialists in each field using the very successful format applied in Michatoya Palín.

Develop a strategically-located, internationally-competitive industrial park and smart city supported by an integral package of services so that clients can successfully serve all markets of the region.


Be the most advanced, largest and most competitive industrial park and smart city between the United States and South America and be the model and principal development pole of Guatemala, positioning the country as the industrial and business hub of the Americas.


For Michatoya Pacífico, values are fundamental. Supported by policies and actions, they guide daily life and the relationships with all stakeholders. .
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Social responsibility


history and experience

Pacific Investments S.A. was incorporated in May 2013. After finishing several real estate projects, it began the construction of a 500,000 m2 industrial park named Michatoya Palín.

This project has become the most advanced industrial business center in the country. It has international standards in infrastructure, technology and security. Upon completion, it will generate more than 10,000 new jobs. .

This highly-successful experience led to the initiation, in 2016, of Michatoya Pacifico.

The Start

Growing Success

Recognition of the Opportunity

The Visionary Adventure

The Start

Pacific Investments constructed Michatoya Palín doing everything with the highest standards, consistent with its philosophy of excellence. It placed all services underground, built sophisticated entry controls, installed an integrated camera system and gave close attention to green areas. Soon it got its first client, then a second, then a third.

Growing Success

Demand exceeded all expectations. Over a period of less than three years, it began work, sold more than 85% of the land, completed factory construction and handed over the keys to investors. The first three buyers have significantly expanded their facilities. A four-company cluster was set up in the textile sector.

Recognition of the Opportunity

Pacific Investments directors observed Michatoya Palin’s tremendous success. They heard their investors praise Guatemala's internationally-competitive conditions and favorable location for exports. They saw the excess demand in the region for installations in large industrial parks designed with the highest concepts of efficiency and technology and having tax benefits and legal certainty.

The Visionary Adventure

In 2016, they made the decision to develop Michatoya Pacífico. They conceptualized a project that could transform the area, serve as a development pole model for Guatemala and give Guatemala a new image in the international business world. Accordingly, they proceeded to purchase over 1,200 hectares. Then they began construction of infrastructure and warehouses.


sustainability has high priority

The Michatoya team fully recognizes our responsibility to protect our planet and its environment for future generations. It is a responsibility of concrete and comprehensive plans and actions.

  • A nursery with over 120,00 plants
  • Beautiful green areas landscaped with native plants
  • Ample renewable energy constructions.
  • Recycling and specialized waste management
  • A clean free trade zone in every sense of the word. Environment, Finance, Health, Customs, Cybersecurity.
  • We have all environmental permits.

In the country, Michatoya Palín has become the
Most advanced industrial business center

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